How to setting Printing documents

HP Printer Print Setup Windows – Printing documents

Access the print Window to modify print job settings for the best results.
1. Prior printing the document, edit the document to alter text font and size, select layout options, and to modify any other appearance settings.
2. In the application, you created the document, select File, and then click on the Print
3. The HP Printer Print Setup Windows gets displayed. If you do not view the following menus in the Window, click on Show Details option.
4. Pick your hp printer name from the Hp Printer
5. From the Presets option, choose an option that suits your print job or paper type.
6. Choose the unnamed option at the center of the Window to choose different settings types, then modify any of the following settings. Available print settings and menu names may differ by the hp printer and the application you are printing from.

  • Paper type and size
    Set the paper type you are using, such as plain, brochure or other types, so that hp printer properly prints on the paper.
    Select Paper Type or Media Type option in the Paper Type or Quality or Media and Quality settings.
  • Paper tray or Source
    Choose the tray you placed the paper into, in case the hp printer has more than one tray.
    Choose Paper Source option in the Paper Type/Quality or Media and Quality settings.

Printing documents

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