HP Officejet K80 Driver Download

HP Driver” Every HP printer needs a driver to install in your computer so that the printer can work properly. You can download any kinds of HP drivers on the internet. If you use HP Officejet k80 All-in-One Printer, then you can install a compatible driver on your PC before using the printer.

Where to download HP Drivers? Simply, you can check some kinds of drivers for any HP printers on our website. There are so many types of HP printers and you have to download the driver according to the type. You need to check the series of your HP Officejet printer to make sure that the driver will work on it.

HP Officejet k80 All-in-One Printer
HP Officejet K80

In this website, you can download some drivers for HP printers and you also get some information about the installation of the drivers. The latest update of HP driver may work better on your operating system. The following driver is compatible with any kinds of HP Officejet K80 All-in-One Printer with additional features and functions.

HP Officejet k80 All-in-One Printer Full Feature Drivers and Software

There is one major new functionality of this driver as listed below:

The Parallel Port is now supported in addition to USB.This driver replaces previous versions of the HP OfficeJet K Series drivers as defined below:
For Windows XP customers this driver replaces driver Version 3.00.
Notice: If you intend to use both a HP OfficeJet K Series and HP OfficeJet G Series All-In-One device on the same PC, there is an uncommon scenario where the OfficeJet G Series will not work. All three of the following conditions must be met in order to experience this situation:
Your OfficeJet K Series has Firmware Version 4.04.
Your OfficeJet K Series is installed on the Parallel Port.
You intend to install an OfficeJet G Series device either on this same computer using a second Parallel Port or on the same Parallel Port at a later time.
If you have not met ALL of these conditions, then you will NOT experience this problem and may proceed. If you expect to encounter all these conditions in the future then do not install this driver. If you are unsure, then contact HP support for further direction.
Follow these steps to determine your HP Officejet K Series device’s firmware version:

Simultaneously press and hold the [ENTER] and [Cancel] buttons (this will take two hands for most people)
Release both buttons at the same time
Wait for the “Extended Self-Test Report” to print out.
Look at the “Firmware Version” in the lower third of the page, the left hand column, about the sixth item down. Your device has firmware 4.04 if you see the “Firmware Version: OD404R” on the printout.

Driver Detail
Type: Driver
Release Date: Jul 1, 2002
Version: 3.10 (A.14.05.09)
File name drivers: A140509_enu_xp.exe

Compatible Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)
File size: 37.9 MB

Download and install HP Officejet K80 Printer Procedure:

  1. Choose type driver and click download button
  2. Please wait for software or driver complete download
  3. Double click file hp just downloaded to launch follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Follow screen instruction to continue with and complete the setup
  5. After finish, try to print, scan or other depending on your printer functionality

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