HP ENVY Pro 6455 Manual Support

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HP ENVY Pro 6455 Manual Support

Table of contents

1 Printer parts

Printer overview
Print reports from control panel
Edge lighting and status lights
Quiet Mode
Sleep mode
Adjust printer lights or volume

2 Load media and paper basics

Load media
Load original
Change the default paper size detected by the printer
Paper basics

3 Connect your printer

Connect using the HP Smart app
Connect to a wireless network with a router
Connect wirelessly without a router
Change the connection type
Wireless settings
Advanced printer management tools (for wireless printers)
Tips for setting up and using a wireless printer

4 Printer management tools

Use the HP Smart app to print, copy, scan, and troubleshoot
Open the HP printer software (Windows)
Toolbox (Windows)
Embedded web server
Update Drivers printer
5 Print

Print using the HP Smart app
Print from mobile devices
Print with Print Anywhere
Print using a computer
Tips for print success

6 Manage cartridges

Information on cartridges and the printhead
Check the estimated ink levels
Order ink supplies
HP Instant Ink
Replace the cartridges
Use single cartridge mode
Cartridge warranty information
Tips for working with cartridges

7 Copy, Scan, and Mobile Fax

Copy and scan using HP Smart
Copy from the printer
Tips for copy and scan success
Mobile Fax

8 Web Services

What are Web Services?
Set up Web Services
Print with HP ePrint
Remove Web Services

9 Solve a problem

Get help from the HP Smart app
Get help in this guide
Understand printer reports
Solve problems using Web Services
Maintain the printer
Restore original factory defaults and settings
HP support

10 HP EcoSolutions (HP and the Environment)

Energy Save Mode

Appendix A Technical information

HP Company notices
Regulatory notices
Environmental product stewardship program


HP ENVY Pro 6455 ‘Out of Paper’ Error Fix

Step 1: Examine the paper, and afterwards refill it
Paper feed issues might result from using torn, messy, curled, wrinkled, or bent paper. The top quality of the paper can also make a distinction. Utilize these standards to assist avoid the issue.

Use just top quality paper that meets printer requirements.
Ensure paper is loaded in the input tray.

Readjust the paper overviews in the input tray to fit snugly against all paper. Ensure the paper overviews do not bend the paper in the input tray.

Store all paper in a completely dry, great location. Paper feed concerns take place regularly in humid atmospheres.

See to it the paper in the input tray is not curled. Uncurl paper by bending it in the opposite instructions of the curl.

Do not publish on paper that is already printed. The moisture of the ink can create the paper to stick together.

Do not pack paper while the printer is printing.

Before you fill paper in the input tray, make sure the paper is neatly piled and also in good condition, and the paper course and also tray are free from obstructions.
Remove any paper from the input tray.

Eliminate any seriously curved, old and wrinkly, or torn paper from the pile.
Check for blockages inside the input tray location. Even tiny pieces of paper can trigger paper feed problems.

With both hands, hold the stack of paper, and then tap the bottom edge of the pile on a level surface area so that the stack is also on all sides.

Insert a pile of ordinary white paper into the input tray.

On the printer control panel, press the Resume button to continue the print job.
If the printer does not automatically continue the print job, try to print again. If the issue persists, continue to the next step.

Reset the printer

Sometimes an error persists even though there is no paper feed issue. Reset the printer, and then try to print.
With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer.
Unplug the power cord from the power source.
Wait 60 seconds.
Reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet and to the printer.

Firewall Blocking Driver Install or Printer Function (Windows)

This file is for HP printers and computer systems with Windows operating systems.
Firewall software program assists obstruct threats from outdoors your network, yet some settings or arrangements can block interaction with network printers. Firewall program setups could trigger one of the complying with concerns:

  • You are incapable to mount the printer software application.
  • When you set up the printer software, the printer can not be found on the network.
  • Some features of your printer job while others do not.
  • Your printer suddenly does not print.
  • The printer standing presents as Not connected even though the printer is connected to the network.
  • To identify if your firewall is triggering the problem, use HP Print and Check Doctor to temporarily disable the firewall program, and after that set up the firewall software utilizing your protection software program, if required.

Printer does not respond and is offline

Despite the fact that the printer gets on as well as attached, it displays as offline on your computer system or smart phone and no more responds, such as switching off after pressing the power switch or displaying the duplicate button after lifting the scanner lid. Reset the printer as well as upgrade the firmware to help stop the issue from occurring once again in the future.

  • With the printer switched on, detach the power cable from the printer.
  • Unplug the power cable from the source of power.
  • Wait one minute.
  • Reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet and to the printer.