HP Deskjet 1120c Driver Download

searchingdrivers.com” Every HP printer needs a driver to install in your computer so that the printer can work properly. You can download any kinds of HP drivers on the internet. If you use HP Deskjet 1120c Printer series, then you can install a compatible driver on your PC before using the printer.

Where to download HP Drivers? Simply, you can check some kinds of drivers for any HP printers on our website. There are so many types of HP printers and you have to download the driver according to the type. You need to check the series of your HP printer to make sure that the driver will work on it.

HP Deskjet 1120c Printer series
HP Deskjet 1120c

In this website, you can download some drivers for HP printers and you also get some information about the installation of the drivers. The latest update of HP driver may work better on your operating system. The following driver is compatible with any kinds of HP Deskjet 1120c Printer series with additional features and functions.

HP Deskjet 1120c series Full Feature Software and Drivers Download

This new printer driver supports the HP DeskJet 1120C, HP DeskJet 1120Cse, HP DeskJet 1120Cxi printers on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Driver Detail
Type: Driver
Release Date: Apr 8, 2000
Version: 11.8

Compatible Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)

dj727mu41.exe (1.3 MB)
dj727mu42.exe (1.2 MB)
dj727mu43.exe (1.3 MB)
dj727mu44.exe (1.1 MB)
dj727mu45.exe (0.6 MB)

Download options: The driver is divided into several files. All files must be downloaded and installed in order for the driver to work. Click on the names of each file above to download.

  1. Save all the *.exe files to a newly created sub-directory in your local hard drive.
  2. Double click the downloaded files, this will expand the files and start the driver installation process automatically.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

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  1. Unfortunately, your dj727mu45.exe file is the same exact file and size as the dj727mu44.exe. so the installation will not work. Apparently, the link is incorrect.

  2. The last file is not directed properly. It points to eh dj727mu44.exe file instead of the dj727mu45.exe file.

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