How to Reset Cartridge HP Printer Proven Successful

See the number of HP printer users around the world whether it is HP printer inkjet system or LaserJets used for office needs and individuals because the price of HP printers are more affordable than other competitor printers, the average price of HP printers is affordable with 100% relying on printing using the old printing model that is a cartridge that will still maintain the quality of printing with the best results.

How to Reset Cartridge HP Printer Proven Successful

Well with that many also end up a variety of problems that arise also include often experience Cartridge Reset Error on this HP printer? Then how to solve it? that’s the subject of the discussion review of the specifications in this article.

With good enough printer durability will not cause many problems outside, but in contrast to the inside, one of them is on the Cartridge Printer that is required to be replaced at every use that has reached the limit A frequent problem is that the printer provides an undetectable cartridge warning, and requires its users to perform a cartridge system reset.

It’s actually quite easy to overcome. Usually, in this problem, the printer will give a sign with the appearance of a warning on the computer/device of the user with a window that reads ” cartridge is illegible or error”, which needs to be done for this problem by removing and reinstalling the HP printer cartridge. For the steps to reset the HP printer in the review below,
Tips on How to Reset Your HP Cartridge Printer To Print Again

  1. Turn off the HP printer first, then unplug the power cord from the power and leave the printer off for 5 minutes.
  2. Restart the printer and check the printer condition again if it is still an error, Make sure you have installed the driver
  3. If the error still occurs, you can open the printer so that the printer becomes a service mode position, then after that, the cartridge will move to the center, then remove the black cartridge and color from the house head.
  4. After that unplug the power and USB cable. remove the Cartridge and clean the connector and the bottom of the cartridge attached to the head house slowly and smoothly, not to be rough. This is so that the cartridge can be read well.
  5. then once in the taste is enough to reattach the cartridge to its original place, and try to install the cartridge appropriately.
  6. Next close the cover, and turn the printer back on so that it can return to print mode.
  7. Usually when the beginning of turning on like this printer will immediately do cleaning and reset, and it is necessary to know also if you use the method of refilling to the cartridge by injecting ink you need to do it correctly and not exceed the limit of content that is 3ml each color.
    Those are the 7 steps that you can do to reset the printer HP, but if you still doubt whether this method has worked, you can do a self-test print first by using the key combinations available in the printer.

One way to self-test print in this hp printer is to turn on your printer while holding the power button + cancel button.

Then next release the cancel button first after 3-5 seconds off the power button, this will run a test print whether the printout has issued a perfect color or not.
Once you know how to reset the HP printer cartridge correctly you need to also know again what are the causes of the error problem. This includes the use of non-original cartridges, filling incorrect inks, using ink that is so as to damage the cartridge.

And if indeed the above way can not solve the problem of error cartridge your HP printer, it is likely that your cartridge is damaged. To be able to solve this problem if it is complicated and you are afraid, can take your printer to the nearest printer servicer or call an experienced technician to your home to solve this.

The advice I just learned from a technician recently is that when removing the cartridge, it is better for the printer to be unplugged to avoid the electrical shorts inside the printer.

That’s a little summary of information on how to reset the printer cartridge easily, and can be included in a brief step above, hopefully, can help solve the problem of errors in your printer.

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